Gallery 2020's

Patterns of my Heart 2
Hidden Whispers
Patterns of my Heart 1
Murmuring Winds
Princess of Weaving VIII
Princess of Weaving VII
Princess of Weaving VI
Depart Again


  Gallery 2010's

Whispering Light
Princess of Weaving V
Omokage = Resemblance
Kizuna (Relationship) Series IV: Trust
Kizuna (Relationship) Series III: Rejoicing
Kizuna (Relationship) Series II: Encouragement
Kizuna (Relationship) Series I: Prayer
Princess of Weaving IV
Ai = Heavenly Will
Fuyu no tabi = Winter Journey
Kamuri = Beautiful Dreams from Villages
My Arabic World
The Princess of Weaving III
The Promise
Star Hunter
The Princess of Weaving II
Misty Heart
The Princess of Weaving I


  Gallery 2000's

Encounter Again
Play of Lights
Playful Abundance
Falling Sunbeams
Slanting Sunbeams
Desert Fragrance
Joyful Chant
Sounds of the Seasonal Winds
Land of Hopes
Chance Encounter
Heavenly Fable
Heavenly Brilliance
Heavenly Beauty
Crazy Rhapsody
Rose Dance
Autumn Radiant
Voice of Angels
Transparent Reflections
My Happy Path
Asian Galaxy
Praying for Amicable World
Welcoming Fate


  Gallery 1990's

Chanting Japan
Looking Back at My Past
Song for a Friend
Soaring Dreams
Transparent Sunbeams
Comfortable Echoes
Enjoying Colors
Intergalactic City
Winter Tale
Winter Thaw
Winds Welcoming Spring
Listening to Colors
Distant Hope
Water Sprites
Flower Wreath
Fragrant Autumn Flower
My Hometown
Sparkling Spring
Harmony of Blue
Joyful Premonitions
Autumn Visits Us
Private Celebration
Promise of Spring
Yearning for Autumn
Sounds of the Sea
Winter Landscape
Concealed Life
Ode to Joy
Eternally Unchanging


  Gallery 1980's

Warmth of Heart
An Outsider
Flower Poem
Thinking About the Past
Good to See You Again
Folk Tale "The Bamboo Cutter"
Secret Fire
Oral Tradition
Not Yet Awake
Old Capital
Quiet Motion
A Maiden's Heart
Spring Snow
Kyoto As It Was
Night Street
Hometown Nostalgia