Title: Old Capital

Year Completed: 1986

Size: H73.5” × W57” / H187 cm × W144.5 cm

Material: cotton satin, new cotton (Japan) new silk (obi with actual gold thread)

Statement: After finishing BOHKYOH, which at the time I had thought was the most difficult project possible, I stopped thinking about reversible quilts for a while. However about a year later my interest reawakened. I had in the meantime accumulated more aizome, and from a friend had received some obi scraps which were beautiful, but extremely hard to quilt. For that reason I began to think about a second reversible long cabin quilt. I was not yet able to calculate exactly how much fabric I would need for a reversible quilt, so I limited my choices to fabrics which I had in abundance. The design symbolized the aristocracy, its love of colorful display and elegance, expressed in silk (including an obi with gold thread) and some unusual Japanese cotton (which I received in America) with gradations of seven colors. The use of two different black fabrics (one cotton, one cotton satin) in the background produced a subtle contrast which apparently was very unusual in America at that time.

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