Title: Patterns of my Heart 2

Year Completed: 2022

Size: H48” × W75” / H121 cm × W178 cm

Type: Non-reversible

Material: Old cotton (aizome), new cotton satin

Techniques: Machine piecing, hand applique, hand quilting, embroidery

Statement: This was inspired in part by a section of the poem ”Winter Splendour” by Reni Tajima:

When we are contented, life is rose-coloured and carefree,
but the colour fades away easily if we are worried or concerned,
though the outer world stays the same.
It's our state of mind that changes our perception,
as we live where our minds live.

However many times I have read this poem, it remains inspiring. When reading this poem, I sensed that the design of this quilt was just right, even though I had been thinking about it for a long time.

I was really surprised when several people viewed this quilt and thought it was cute. I never had that intention.

I could not have made this quilt without the energy of the bright colored fabric (cotton satin).

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