Title: Yuu

Year Completed: 1988

Size: H71” × W74” / H181 cm × W188 cm

Material: old cotton (akanezome), new cotton (aisome, furoshiki), sashiko stitching (instead of quilting)

Statement: This is my first quilt based on the idea of combining the meanings of several different characters which share the same pronunciation. "Brave" comes from having the courage to mix bright red with quiet blues. "Playful" refers to the idea of using replications of patterns which appear arbitrary by themselves. "Dissolve" refers to the fact that in each horizontal row, the pattern appears to dissolve, although in actuality it remains throughout. "Friend" refers to the idea that on the left one can see the patterns clearly, but on the right one can not readily see them, but they are nevertheless there...for me that is a true friend.

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