Title: The Princess of Weaving II

Year Completed: 2013

Size: H36” × W36” / H91 cm × W91 cm

Material: Old cotton, New hand-dyed cotton, New hand-woven silk (sarong, scarf)

Statement: In 2011 after I completed The Princess of Weaving I, I decided to create a series of quilts based on the idea of woven bamboo. However when I tried several times to make this next quilt by machine piecing, it did not turn out well. At one point I was ready to give up, but my husband encouraged me to continue, insisting that it was worth finishing. With a combination of machine and hand applique I finally succeeded in achieving what I had originally imagined. Using a sarong and a scarf which I had bought in Thailand, I struggled to make it work. I have strong memories...

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