Title: Soaring Dreams

Year Completed: 1999

Size: H82.5” × W62” / H210 cm × W158 cm

Material: old cotton (aizome, furoshiki, noren), new cotton (yukata, and American hand-painted and hand-dyed)

Statement: As a person born and raised in Kyoto I have naturally lived within its older, graceful, and artistically sensitive nature. As a person whose work has often brought me to Edo (now Tokyo) I have often come up against its more modern, outward, and sharply contrasting senses. This quilt expresses my hope that I can live in both these worlds without compromising myself. This represents my image of Edo, with its gaily-striped patterns for kimono and furoshiki (all-purpose carrying cloth). Using stripes in a Log Cabin pattern is very difficult, but I wanted to try. Using several yukata (informal summer kimono) which already contained iki (a kind of smartness) made my task much easier.

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