Title: The Princess of Weaving VI

Year Completed: 2020

Size: H46” × W62” / H115 cm × W156 cm

Material: Cotton satin (including hand-dyed), new cotton (including hand-dyed), antique cotton (aizome)

Techniques: Machine piecing, hand aplique, hand quilting (sashiko thread)

Statement: I received some beautiful hand-dyed cotton satin from an American friend more than ten years ago.  For a long time I didn't find any way to bring out the beauty of this fabric, but suddenly I found a way.  To preserve that feeling it was necessary to cut that fabric into rather large pieces.  The background was made from many scraps of aizome in a hemp leaves pattern.   On top of this I placed some Log Cabin (Courthouse Steps) by  hand applique, in a see-through feeling. 

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