Title: Depart Again

Year Completed: 2020

Size: H61” × W76” / H156 cm × W194 cm

Material: Silk, cotton satin (including hand-dyed), cotton

Techniques: Machine piecing, hand quilting

Statement: At the end of the summer of 2019 the International Quilt Museum (IQM) contacted me concerning a special project. The IQM holds a collection of antique quilts that had come from Jonathan Holstein, and asked me to create a new quilt inspired by one or more quilts from that collection which would simultaneously reflect my own character. However since my style is not antique, for some time I had difficulty because no inspiration came. I would never have made this kind of quilt if it had not been requested. I hesitated before accepting, saying that I had no reason to refuse. Once I had accepted it offered an opportunity for intense study. This is my one hundred first quilt, and also my first museum commission.

(Collection of International Quilt Museum; Lincoln, NE)

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