Title: Kyoh

Year Completed: 1991

Size: H75.5” × W85.5” / H192 cm × W217 cm

Material: old cotton (aizome, kusakizome), new cotton(American and Japanese hand-dyed-some of which I did myself)

Statement: This is my second quilt based on a single sound in Japanese which can have multiple meanings with different written characters (Kyoh has many meanings). In a mountain valley in the pyrenees, and almost deserted place, one senses the illusion that the mountains themselves make sounds. We encountered a sudden downpour; the path soon turned into a small pond, an as rain continued to fall the drops created concentric ripples in this pond. This image inspired the quilting patterns. To assemble the curved pieces I wanted to use machine piecing; it took me three years to find a way to make that work.

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