Title: Soaring Dreams

Year Completed: 1999

Size: H82.5” × W62” / H210 cm × W158 cm

Material: all silk (obi, haori, kimono raincoat)

Statement: As a person born and raised in Kyoto I have naturally lived within its older, graceful, and artistically sensitive nature. As a person whose work has often brought me to Edo (now Tokyo) I have often come up against its more modern, outward, and sharply contrasting senses. This quilt expresses my hope that I can live in both these worlds without compromising myself. This represents my image of Kyoto Against a background of black haori I chose a variety of obi, using a most unusual and bright reflecting obi as the main focus of the design, adding more subdued obi for related shapes. An important accentuation comes from a series of squares comprising tiny squares. At first one hardly notice them, but they have an important function in the design.

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