Title: A Maiden's Heart

Year Completed: 1985

Size: H62” × W50” / H158 cm × W126 cm

Material: old silk (hand-woven kimono), new silk (hand-woven Shinshu tumugi), cotton embroidery threads

Statement: When we travelled to Matsumoto in 1982 we were given a small collection of samples of Shinshu tsumugi, a very special kind of silk in which threads from wild cocoons are blended with those from cultivated ones. These had a tremendous personal value for me; I also wanted to cut these fabrics as little as possible. However, they were in a variety of irregular shapes, so it took three years to create a design which would use them in their original form as much as possible. Since they were all very bright, I added some darks colors from four or five of my grandmother's kimono, including one which she herself wove, which has the Toda Family crest (lower right edge). In the embroidery (done entirely by hand) are many patterns, some older ones and some original.

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