Title: Praying for Amicable World (Detail)

Year Completed: 2000

Size: H58” × W65.5” / H147 cm × W167 cm

Material: old cotton (aizome, sakeshibori) new cotton (including American hand-painted, Indonesian hand-dyed, Japanese hand-dyed) new cotton (Japan, America) sashiko thread

Statement: Looking towards the new century we still find wars in many parts of the world, which people fighting over insignificant causes. I hope that somehow this can stop, that people's hearts can be softened, so that all can live in peace without fear. To symbolize this feeling, all shapes in this quilt, both piecing and quilting, are circular, without sharp edges. A set of red, yellow, and green symbolizes the idea that obeying traffic signals prevents accidents, and that a similar adherence to principle could end conflict.

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