Title: Old Capital (Detail)

Year Completed: 1986

Size: H73.5” × W57” / H187 cm × W144.5 cm

Material: old cotton (aizome, kasuri), new American red cotton

Statement: After finishing BOHKYOH, which at the time I had thought was the most difficult project possible, I stopped thinking about reversible quilts for a while. However about a year later my interest reawakened. I had in the meantime accumulated more aizome, and from a friend had received some obi scraps which were beautiful, but extremely hard to quilt. For that reason I began to think about a second reversible long cabin quilt. I was not yet able to calculate exactly how much fabric I would need for a reversible quilt, so I limited my choices to fabrics which I had in abundance. The design symbolized the former ordinary folk, with a subdued atmosphere, but certainly solid, expressed in cotton, including fabrics faded through long use. These workaday fabrics were used by the common people for countless purposes including clothing, bedding, and cushions. The "over and under" part of the design probably was inspired by woven baskets.

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