Title: Good to See You Again (Detail)

Year Completed: 1988

Size: H75.5” × W58” / H192 cm × W147 cm

Material: old cotton (aizome, kusakizome), new cotton, old silk (obi)

Statement: For several years I had been accumulating traditional fabric at the two monthly flea markets in Kyoto (at Tohji and at Kitano Tenmanguu). The title "Good to See You Again" refers to bringing these fabrics together in a single quilt. The red area should suggest the sense of wanting to wear a bright and festive obi when going to meet a close friend; the bends suggest we are seeing the act of putting it on. This side suggests the idea of visiting a lover after not seeing him for a long time, and wanting to wear a decorative red obi, which also relates to the title.

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