Title: Autumn Visits Us (Detail)

Year Completed: 1992

Size: H75” × W56.5” / H190 cm × W143 cm

Material: old silk (kimono), old cotton (furoshiki, novitiates' robes), new cotton (Japan, America)

Statement: We had gone to see the night fires of the Daimonji in Kyoto, but while everyone was seeing the fires lit and growing, we alone were looking at an especially beautiful late summer moon, full or nearly so with faintly visible wisps of cloud, suggesting a giant lantern or a special kind of round window with thin paper screens with lattices at different angles. When I first completed this quilt, the moon section had few of the small colored squares; I had thought the variety within the gray fabric would maintain interest, but after several chances to see the quilt at a distance I decided something more was needed. With considerable effort I took several blocks apart and reconstructed them which resulted in the present appearance.

(Collection of the National Quilt Museum, Paducah, KY)

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