Alexandra and Loeb
  at The National Quilt Museum in Paducah, Kentucky

Frontal View of the National Quilt Museum, Paducah, KY, founded in 1991, with about 40,000 visitors annually.


One of many impromptu sessions at the Museum, explaining the reversible Log Cabin techniques to crowds of visitors and answering their questions. During our three days at the museum it seemed like I did this 100 times.


When the crowds thinned out people could view the quilts leisurely both close-up and at a distance. Their manners were impeccable; not a single person touched any of the quilts.


Seeing these quilts collectively on display enabled me to have conversations with them and brought back memories of the times when I made them.


Another one of these explanation sessions with the museum's curator Judith Schwender standing on the left and watching carefully. I am truly grateful to her for deciding to have my exhibition at the musuem.


Although I was there for only three days, I could converse with people literally from all over the world to see the exhibition; we met people from Canada, Europe, Central and South America, the Mid-East, the Far East, Oceania, and even a few people from Africa.


View of the exhibition without visitors. The seventeen quilts selected for this exhibition were happy to be in such an elegant space. I am thankful not only for this opportunity but also to have had contact with so many people, many of whom communicated with me after we had left.